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Christopher Tye (c.1505 - c.1572) - Lawdes Deo - Hespèrion XX

Opname 1988, heruitgave op Astrée/Audivis 2000

"It is remarkable what Tye can convey within works lasting as short as 90 seconds; his pure and reverent music looks forward to aspects of Beethoven’s late string quartets such as the central Heiliger Dankgesgang movement of the A Minor Quartet, Op. 132, with which it shares the visionary long held chords of painfully beautiful intensity. As with these Beethoven masterpieces, Tye’s brief studies are imbued with tremendous feeling and spirituality. Tye’s own magnum opus, his De Profundis, is entitled Sit Fast. Scored for three viols (where the majority of these instrumental works are for five players), it lasts a full seven and a half minutes, which considering Tye’s poetic capacities for condensation of material and mood, is comparatively symphonic in scope." - Volledige recensie op Epinions.com

Hespèrion XX:

Jordi Savall
Eunice Brandao
Sergi Casademunt
Lorenz Duftschmid
Paolo Pandolfo
Laurence Bonnal,
viola da gamba's

1. O Lux a 5 [3:15]
2. In Nomine a 4 [1:52]
3. In Nomine a 5 Weep no more Rachell [2:19]
4. In Nomine a 6 [2:04]
5. In Nomine a 5 Farwell my good I for ever [1:41]
6. In Nomine a 5 Rachells weepinge [2:18]
7. Rubum Quem a 5 [1:15]
8. In Nomine a 5 My death [2:19]
9. In Nomine a 5 Blamles [2:31]
10. In Nomine a 5 [2:11]
11. In Nomine a 5 Rounde [2:28]
12. In Nomine a 5 Follow me [2:14]
13. Christus Resurgens a 5 [2:56]
14. Dum Transisset a 5 [3:49]
15. Dum Transisset a 5 (2) [3:41]
16. Dum Transisset a 5 (3) [3:53]
17. Dum Transisset a 5 (4) [3:41]
18. Amavit a 5 [2:54]
19. In Nomine a 5 Surrexit non est hicc [2:32]
20. In Nomine a 5 Free from all [2:13]
21. In Nomine a 5 Trust [1:33]
22. In Nomine a 5 Beleve me [2:24]
23. In Nomine a 5 Crye [2:08]
24. Lawdes Deo a 5 [2:21]
25. In Nomine a 5 I come [2:25]
26. In Nomine a 5 Re la re [1:16]
27. In Nomine a 5 Howld fast [1:13]
28. In Nomine a 5 Saye so [2:04]
29. In Nomine a 5 Seldom sene [2:09]
30. In Nomine a 5 Reporte [1:33]
31. Sit Fast a 3 [7:34]
TT 79:00

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Bill zei

thank you, this blog is one of the best, great music nicely presented. All the best, bill

WMS Nemo zei

Thank you for sharing this beautiful music with us!

Anoniem zei

Hello, I really like your blog. Thank you.
I am french and I wonder if "fauteuil d'oreille" means something special in Dutch, because in French that sounds strange...

Edmond zei

Apologies for taken advantage of your mother tongue - which I love but speak poorly. It's a not too serious attempt to translate a word for "comfy chair".
I hope it doesn't put you off visiting!

Anoniem zei

OK hahaha ! I thought it was something like that, what we call a "bergère" (in that case not a shepherdess..)

archer zei

comfy chairs certainly have usefulness and appeal, but i'll opt for the comfy shepherdess.

in my relatively short time in exploration of classical music i have quickly become a fan of jordi savall and the beautifully toned instrument he plays.

thanks for the music.

Nibbler zei

rapid share links are not there any more and Media Fire is missing part 4 from the list... can you re post any of that please? Thanks

Anoniem zei

I heartily, passionately concur with Nibbler.

Anoniem zei

is it possible to have a new link? thx