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Pierre de la Rue (c.1452-1518) - Incessament - Amarcord

Opgenomen in de Stiftskirche Wechselburg (D), 2002/2003

Pierre de la Rue - Missa Incessament mon povre cueur lamente

Wolfram Lattke, tenor
Dietrich Barth, tenor
Frank Ozimek, bariton
Daniel Knauft, bas
Holger Krause, bas

1 Sic Deus dilexit [2:22]
2 Introitus [5:35]
3 Kyrie Incessament [4:45]
4 Gloria Incessament [7:39]
5 Graduale [4:03]
6 Alleluia [1:40]
7 Credo Incessament [12:27]
8 Offertorium [3:19]
9 Sanctus Incessament [11:10]
10 Agnus Dei Incessament [6:16]
11 Communio [4:24]
12 Incessament mon povre cueur lamente [2:49]
TT 66:38

Incessament mon povre cueur lamente,
Sans nul repose souvenir me tourmente,
Ayant eeny sans aulcun amandement,
Bany je suis de tout esbatement,
Et si languis près de mort véhémente.

Incessantly doth my poor heart lament,
The mem'ry keepeth me in cruel torment,
For sunk am I in woe without reprieve,
Far removed from joy and doomed to grieve,

And so I yearn for death me to relieve.

Download (flac, cue, scans, 270 MB): Deel I --- Deel II --- Deel III (Rapidshare)

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ABE zei

Thank you so much for the wonderful music you make available here. I have visited in the past, but have only now begun to download - mostly recordings of Masses, Renaissance, and early Baroque music. I will say here that I am very grateful for all your hard work. Kindest regards.

Anoniem zei

I will second that saying a very big thanks to you as you have helped me discover a wonderful world of polyphony.......your tatse is impeccable and only outdone by your generosity! Bravo!!!

Lqtse Blog zei

thank you .I'm fan acapella !!!

WMS.Nemo zei

Danke schön für die feine Musik!