vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) - Fantaisies Royales - Savall & co

Opgenomen in de kerk van Nenzlingen, Zwitserland, januari 1979

"The most principal and chiefest kind of music which is made without a ditty [text]... that is when a musician taketh a point at his pleasure and wresteth and turneth it as he list, making either much or little of it according as shall seem best in his own conceit. In this may more art be shown than in any other music because the composer is tied to nothing, but that he may add, diminish, and alter at his pleasure." - Thomas Morley on the Fantasia, 1597

Jordi Savall, Christopher Coin, Sergi Casademunt, viola's da gamba
Johannes Sonnleitner, orgel

1. Fantasie XII [4:07]
2. Fantasie V [1:57]
3. Fantasie II [2:41]
4. Fantasie VII [2:27]
5. Fantasie III [2:31]
6. Fantasie VI [1:53]
7. Fantasie XIV [3:19]
8. Fantasie X [4:27]
9. Fantasie VIII [2:33]
10. Fantasie I [2:40]
11. Fantasie IX [2:15]
12. Fantasie XV [3:38]
13. Fantasie IV [2:54]
14. In Nomine a : 4 [2:13]
TT: 41:15

Download (172 MB): Deel I --- Deel II --- Deel III (Rapidshare)

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Thanks for another tasty pick!

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Thank you, Edmond. Very enjoyable.

pablo zei

Je hebt de zomer overleeft (als uploader) en gelijk weer mooi, bedankt!!

mastranto zei

Muchas gracias , Edmond.