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Tobias Hume (?c1579-1645) - Passion & Division - Susanne Heinrich

Opgenomen in St Andrew's Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, 23-25 april 2009

The First Part of Ayres
Captain Humes Musicall Humors (1605)

"Tobias Hume may well be one of the most interesting composers you’ve never heard of. By profession he was a soldier; in music he was a passionate amateur. Hume published two sets of pieces for solo viol, and the 18 on Susanne Heinrich’s CD come from The First Part of Ayres – Captain Humes Musicall Humors, published in 1605. Hume was innovative. He called for pizzicato and col legno (“Drum this with the backe of your Bow”), explored the viol’s polyphonic potential, and delighted in fanciful titles. Heinrich’s selection includes Tickell, Tickell and Tinckeldum, twinckeldum. Her style is attractively grainy in tone and plaintive in manner, with a more pervasive melancholy than Jordi Savall sought out in his Hume collection of 2004." - Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

"Susanne Heinrich’s first solo release for Hyperion was a deliciously atmospheric award-winning disc of music by Abel. She continues her exploration of the world of the viol with this fascinating selection of works by the English composer Tobias Hume. Hume is a paradoxical figure: sometime mercenary solider and popularly described as a dilettante, the suggestive titles of some of these pieces reinforce that picture — a picture that is belied by the music itself. Many of these works show a deep understanding of pure, translucent emotion, as if to take a magnifying glass straight to the core of one’s feelings. A sense of melancholy and sadness, enhanced by Heinrich’s sympathetic playing, entices the listener into a world of dark enchantment."
Meer informatie & geluidsfragmenten op de Hyperion-webstek
More information & sound samples on the Hyperion-website

1 Loves Pastime [6'54]
2 A Jigge [1'58]
3 Harke, harke [2'50]
4 Now I come [2'14]
5 Rossamond [4'04]
6 Touch me lightly [2'38]
7 The Duke of Holstones Almayne [2'24]
8 A Souldiers Resolution [5'28]
9 I am melancholy [7'06]
10 Tickell, tickell [2'14]
11 A French Ayre [1'35]
12 Deth [7'30]
13 Life [1'51]
14 The Spirit of Gambo [3'44]
15 Tinckeldum, twinckeldum [1'58]
16 Captain Humes Pavan [9'03]
17 A Souldiers Galliard [1'44]
18 Loves Farewell [5'19]

Download (individuele .flacs, geen cue, pdf-boekje, 288 MB):
Download (individual .flacs, no cue, pdf-booklet, 288 MB):
Deel I --- Deel II --- Deel III (Rapidshare)

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