donderdag 11 februari 2010

Bach - Goldberg-Variationen - Silke Strauf & Claas Harders (viola da gamba)

Opgenomen in october 2008 in de Evangelische kerk van Sengwarden (D)

Silke Strauf & Claas Harders, viola da gamba (copie van Michel Colichon, Parijs 1689, gemaakt door Henner Harders, 1994)

Download (flac, cue, scans, 375 MB): Deel I --- Deel II --- Deel III --- Deel IV (Rapidshare)

14 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Thank you very much.

zero zei

This will go to the top of the weekend's listening. Thank you so much.

monkey21 zei

Thank you very much.

Qew S zei

Very interesting, thank you.

Ranapipiens zei

Sounds like it could be interesting. Thanks, Edmond!

Rho zei

Yes, I'll add my name to that list ;-) Surely we've all heard this music in almost every posible arrangement, and yet here's one of the most sonorous and lovely of all, left till now! Great share, Edmond, thank you very much :-)

AltvioolToon zei

Wat is dat nou? De Goldbergvariaties met viola da gamba? Dat is nieuw voor me. Interessant. Dank je wel.

What is that? The Goldberg Variations With a Viola da Gamba. Interesting. Many thanks.

Anoniem zei


is it possible to have on mp3 ?

Edmond zei

Thanks for all your appreciating comments! It may not be the ultimate alternative Goldberg-recording, but I found it too curious as not to share it with you.

@Ricardo: Alas, this site is lossless only. I don't know the first thing about mp3's I'm afraid.

Anoniem zei

A thousand Thanks.

classic zei

Quite unusual for the Goldberg Variations, interesting.

Mellowdawg zei

Thanks! I really like the viola da gamba and the Goldbergs. Now I'll find out how they sound together. :)

Anoniem zei

Merci mille fois. Quelle magnifique initiative. Je l'ai téléchargé, maintenant je vais acheter plusieurs copies du disque pour les offrir.

Thanks so much. Beautiful project. I've downloaded it and now I ma going to purchase copies of the CD for gifts.

Anoniem zei

Wonderful version. Many thanks