woensdag 10 juni 2009

Pierre de Manchicourt (c1510-1564) -Missa Cuidez vous que Dieu nous faille - The Brabant Ensemble

Opgenomen in Merton College, Oxford, september 2005
Afbeelding: Quentin Metsys (c1466-1530)
"Cuides vous que Dieu nous faille" = Denkt U dat God ons tekort doet?

Bekijk de Hyperion-webbladzij over deze opname, met geluidsfragmenten, gejubel, &c. Maar bestel hem bijvoorbeeld bij Crotchet, dat scheelt een paar ponden.


“Recordings of this 16th-century composer are few and far between. But far from being simply a disc for avid collectors and library-fillers, the Brabant Ensemble under Stephen Rice make Manchicourt’s case with skill and verve, showing him to have been something of a master in exploring musical emotions and exploiting dramatic build-ups. (...)
A must-have disc from the Brabant Ensemble … First-rate music stirs this young ensemble to their finest disc yet

The Brabant Ensemble
Stephen Rice

1. Regina caeli [4:02]
2. Cuidez vous que Dieu nous faille [Richafort] [1:59]
3. Peccantem me quotidie [7:08]
Missa Cuidez vous que Dieu nous faille
4. - Kyrie [4:07]
5. - Gloria [5:47]
6. - Credo [9:51]
7. - Sanctus & Benedictus [6:25]
8. - Agnus Dei [5:20]
9. Osculetur me [6:16]
10. Ne reminiscaris, domine [5:24]
11. Magnificat secundi toni [10:52]

Download (287 MB): Deel I --- Deel II --- Deel III (Rapidshare)
of via Mediafire, maar zie deze
NOTICE - Lately I keep getting error messages when checking my uploads on Mediafire, like "CRC error" or "corrupt arrchive" when I try to unrar the files - exactly the same files as posted on Rapidshare (no problems there). Please, if you use Mediafire, let me know if the files unrar O.K. for you (the recovery rate is 3%, in Winrar), if not, I will leave Mediafire for what it is, until I figure out what the problem is. Thanks for your time and trust!
UPDATE 12-6 2009 - Mediafire [new links]

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Anoniem zei

Yes: CRC error in Mediafire.


Luís Henriques zei

Great recording. I love franco-flemish composers.

Please check out my blog at


Camillo zei

Same CRC error in mediafire downloaded files for me - but all comes in place checking the option "keep broken files" before expanding the rar files. Splendid music, as usual on Fauteil. Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

Anoniem zei

Hi, I'm new here, and like what I see. I use Ubuntu Linux. I downloaded the Manchicourt with Mediafire, then when I tried to extract the files, my unrar program asked for the password. I tried a couple based on the name of the blog, but I failed. If you use a password, please let me know it. If you don't use a PW, then I'd say I have a problem. I didn't get a CRC error message, but it may have been one, and the unrar program could be misinterpreting what's wrong.

Thanks for your efforts in sharing this wonderful music. I'll be a regular from now on.


Edmond zei

There's no password. Somewhere in the process of uploading/downloading to/from Mediafire the files seem to get damaged. Very strange.
I'm glad to hear some of you were able to unrar notwithstanding. Thanks for all your efforts & patience, I hope this problem gets sorted out in the future.

Anoniem zei

It's ok with Mediafire for me.
There's an error in the third track, that's all.
Excellent blog.
Manchicourt is one of the greatest. Have you tried the Huelgas Ensemble recording?
Outstanding. Do it, you won't regret.

pablo zei

In Ubuntu you will get the question of the password when a file is broken.
Btw it seems when you extract in Nautilus unrar isn't used but another archive program.
more info here: http://stillstup.blogspot.com/2009/06/when-damaged-rar-file-doesnt-open.html.
Btw the test facility with my test download at Mediafire also showed an error in part 1 and it wasn't extractable.

Edmond zei

Reupped again today, seems to work this time:


Sandflyer zei

Hi, downloaded from the new MF links and everything works fine (I use 7-Zip, by the way).

I found that sometimes it seems that another utility may unpack files without problems.

Thanks for another "esoteric" choice!

Anoniem zei

I've never had any problems with mediafire. They are much better and faster (parallel downloads and no waiting times) than rapidshare.

Johann Del Campo

Anoniem zei

Todo el blog very good

WMS.Nemo zei

Danke schön für diese feine Musik, lieber Edmond!

gandri3 zei

hi there,
just surfing to find repertoire for me and my friends in the choir, and got this amazing blog-of-you, tahnk you for sharing
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PeterPan zei

Hi. I enjoy your blog very much. Unfortunately part3 of this post on Mediafire is corrupted and APE can't be extracted. Rapidshare links are dead. I will appreciate if you restore these links. Thanks.