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William Lawes (1602-1645) - Consorts in Four and Five Parts - Phantasm

Opgenomen in Forde Abbey, England, August 1999

"But mostly it is due to compositional genius and his sensitivity to sound that, even in the smaller scale works, Lawes can unite each one of the disparate musical lines and then go on to take them further, to become much greater than their sum. By comparison, even the finest pieces of other composers - such as Byrd or Tomkins - wonderful as they are, can seem to be merely entwined lines playing simultaneously. The overall impression - indeed, illusion - of William Lawes' music is one that can really only be described as symphonic."

Nigel Rushbrook op deze informatieve William Lawes-webstek: http://www.canterburygreenman.fsnet.co.uk/WilliamLawes.htm

Laurence Dreyfus, treble viol, director
Wendy Gillespie, treble viol
Jonathan Manson, tenor viol
Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, bass viol
Sarah Cunningham, bass viol

Consort Setts in Five Parts
Set a5 in A

1. Fantazy — 2. Fantazy —3. Aire
Set a5 in F
4. Fantazy — 5. Paven — 6. Aire
Set a5 in C
7. Fantazy — 8. Aire — 9. Paven — 10. Aire
Set a5 in C
11. Fantazy — 12. Paven — 13. Aire
Set a5 in G
14. Fantazy — 15. On the Playnsong — 16. Aire
For the Violls a4
17. Fantazy in c — 18. Aire (Fantazy) in C — 19. Aire in c — 20. Aire in C — 21. Aire in c — 22. Aire in C
TT 66:50

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